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As with nutritional supplements, it can sometimes be difficult to see the forest for the trees when it comes to coaches and coaching options. That's why The System has made a clear choice for Personal Health Plan. They stand out from the competition in all areas and are the best in our industry.

Who is Personal Health Plan?

The System - Martijn Shaubroeck - founder - consulting & coaching - PHP - personal coaching


Founder - consulting & coaching

For me, knowledge and experience is number 1. This is where we have invested tremendously over the past few years and this is therefore a core value within PHP. Each customer is unique and deserves a unique guidance.

The System - Manu Volcke - Founder - personal trainer - PHP customized strength training.


Founder - personal training

Strength training is my passion and through PHP I am fortunate to be able to turn my passion into my job. I strive to help our clients achieve their goals whenever necessary.

The System - Stijn Cauwels - personal trainer - coaching - nutrition expert - nutritionist - sports nutrition



I made the choice to specialize primarily in nutrition because that is the foundation after all. I have made a promise to myself and clients to continue to pursue "expertise" which means I will continue to invest in myself to reach a higher level each time.


In our coaching, the focus is on education. We don't go for quick fixes and don't make you blindly follow a schedule, but we teach you all about the process, achieving your goals and maintaining them in the long run. A journey where you work on yourself, for yourself but most importantly don't forget to enjoy yourself!

The coaching process is based on 3 pillars


Using weekly group calls and a FB platform, you will soon find that you are not alone.


In the weekly group calls, we provide you with the necessary knowledge so that a transformation remains sustainable long-term.


We may create the community feel, but you will still be individually guided with personalized schedules and adjustments.

Personal Training

In strength training, technique and correct execution is hugely important. The more correctly you perform exercises, with the right tempo and with proper breathing, the more benefit to your body. Within PHP, we guide you in executing your personal training schedule. All equipment is top quality and our trainers have years of experience as well as various training courses with the top within the fitness industry. 

Some results achieved by our clients.

Some results achieved by our clients.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Been under supervision myself for a year and so was able to experience the entire operation closely. 
  • Each coach has an awful lot of qualifications, knowledge and experience, each with its own specialty.
  • Total coaching concept (nutrition, training, education, courses, coaching software).
  • Through the "about us" section of the PHP website, you can find the qualifications of all coaches. The coaches are both nationally and internationally certified. In addition to this, Martijn also works at the REPS Coaching Academy which trains other personal trainers.
  • PHP academy: Here we want to help both coaches and non-coaches brush up their knowledge in order to optimize their own results and those with their clients in this way. More info & registration: PHP Academy | Personal Health Plan Ostend
  • Personal Health Solution: This coaching software was designed by coaches for coaches to optimize the quality of coaching services offered. It is an all-in-one software aimed at working more efficiently and consequently, faster. This automatically results in being able to do more quality work in a shorter period of time. More info & free try-out: Welcome to Personal Health Solution | Elite Coaching Software
  • A first acquaintance can start with an informal conversation in which we listen to you and what your goals are, as well as explain our way of working. You can book this meeting via the links above.

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