een kom Biscoff overnight oats met een lepel in op een houten achtergrond

Biscoff overnight oats

✔️ 40g oats
✔️ 15g whey isolate - The System
✔️ 50ml unsweetened almond milk
✔️ pinch of cinnamon
Chocolate layer
✔️ 50g cottage cheese of your choice
✔️ 5g cocoa
Biscoff layer
✔️ 15g biscoff
✔️ some almond milk
Tip: warm up a little bit of almond milk and then add the biscoff. Stir well to obtain a nice, smooth spread

Preparation method
✔️ Mix the oats, whey, almond milk & cinnamon
✔️ Mix the cottage cheese & cocoa and add this layer on the oats
✔️ place in the refrigerator
✔️ Finish the next morning with the speculoos spread

Macros per serving
✔️350 kcals
✔️26g proteins
✔️33g carbohydrates
✔️11g fats

(You can feel free to use the recipe as a basis and determine your own quantities)


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