op een metalen plaat gepresenteerd Chocolate Oreo cheesecake bars op een houten tafel

Chocolate Oreo cheesecake bars

✔️40g oats
✔️15g vanilla whey - The System
✔️80ml unsweetened almond milk
✔️0.5 tsp baking powder
✔️1 tsp stevia

Cheesecake layer
✔️180g Greek yogurt
✔️20g cornstarch
✔️5g cocoa powder
✔️20g hazelnut whey - The System
✔️3 to 4 Oreos

♨️bake the base for 15 minutes at 180 degrees
♨️bake the whole thing for another 25 minutes at 180 degrees
🆒let cool and enjoy!

Macros per serving (4 servings)
✔️155 kcals
✔️14g proteins
✔️3g fats
✔️17.5g carbohydrates

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