In een donkere artistieke setting donuts genaakt met Het Systeem Whey Isolate Vanilla

High protein donuts

Ingredients for 6 donuts
✔️30g Vanilla Whey Isolate
✔️90g finely ground oatmeal
✔️1tsp baking powder
✔️60ml soy milk
✔️1 egg
✔️50ml maple syrup or honey
✔️some stevia
✔️some vanilla extract
✔️20g peanut butter

✔️Greek yogurt
✔️Hazelnut Whey Isolate
✔️topping of your choice

✔️Mix the oats, whey and baking powder in a bowl
✔️Then mix the egg, maple syrup, peanut butter and vanilla extract separately
✔️Now mix the batter under the powder
✔️Pour into a greased donut pan
✔️Bake for 10-14 minutes at 180 degrees
✔️Let it cool and then top with the toppings
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