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Fat loss plateau

Losing fat can be a frustrating process, but people often forget that this process is never linear, so every day and every week is different. Psychologically, this can be a hurdle for many people to cross.

Once people learn to accept this, everything will run much more smoothly.

Sometimes it may seem that your calorie count is no longer sufficient to continue losing weight. This may be the case, but this may also be a snapshot where a little more patience is recommended.

This may be related to the following six things:

  1. Not tracking your calories consistently

    Any form of food or drink must be included in the total sum. Keep in mind that every taste and sip also contains calories that must be taken into account.

  2. Wrong number of calories

    It may happen that the total number of calories has been calculated incorrectly, resulting in little or no progress.

  3. Increase in carbohydrates

    When carbohydrates are increased, your weight will also increase. This has to do with the extra water held by the carbohydrates. If you know that 1g of carbohydrates contains approximately 3 to 4g of water, then this is a logical explanation of an increase in weight.

  4. Guessing the number of calories

    Over time, there may be some fatigue in weighing food and keeping track of calories. This makes one guess at the number of calories, but this can often be completely wrong.

  5. Exercise less

    When a plateau is reached, one almost automatically thinks about reducing calories, while a person's activity also plays a major role. People often become less active, which means fewer calories are burned. This is a smart move by the body and most of the time people are not aware of it.

  6. Period of the month

    For women, the menstrual cycle can cause enormous weight fluctuations, which can be mentally difficult if the weight does not drop or even increases. There is no need to panic. This is a normal course of events. This may be more pronounced for some people than others, but it is a natural process and inevitable. A tool here can be not to step on the scale during this period.

Also realize that a week without weight change is not a plateau, but just an obstacle (an annoying obstacle) to get over. Weight loss is not linear and never will be. There are several ways to measure progression and weight is better used in the longer term. Other ways are:

  • Clothes
  • Photos
  • Circumference measurements
  • Recovery after exercise
  • Strength in fitness
  • General fitness

Be patient, follow the plan and the results will follow!

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