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Het Systeem



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Take care of yourself and stay healthy! Our multivitamin is specially designed to support your overall health and immunity. With all the necessary vitamins your body needs in the right amounts, you can start each day full of energy.

Net weight 48g ℮ | 90 caps



Take 2 v-caps with a meal. Intake can be spread over several meals.

Multivitamin contributes to overall health and immunity. All vitamins are safely dosed at 100% of the reference intake for an average adult. Take 2 v-caps daily with your meals.

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Vitamin B8 100% RI*
Vitamin B9 100% RI*
Vitamin A 100% RI*
Vitamin B1 100% RI*
Vitamin B12 100% RI*
Vitamin B2 100% RI*
Vitamin B3 100% RI*
Vitamin B5 100% RI*
Vitamin B6 100% RI*
Vitamin C 100% RI*
Vitamin D3 100% RI*
Vitamin E 100% RI*
Ca 15% RI*
Cr 50% RI*
Cu 100% RI*
Fe 100% RI*
I 100% RI*
Mg 20% RI*
Mn 50% RI*
Se 91% RI*
Zn 100% RI*

* Reference intake for an average adult.

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